About the Owner

I retired early from teaching high school music and English for 35 years. Retirement wasn’t for me – the longest 20 minutes of my life…  I decided to get into passenger transportation as I had done it in the summer months for many years while teaching.  I managed a company for an aging owner for a few years. After that ended I worked at a few things including security and playing music professionally however I felt my true passion was working with people and showing off our beautiful home.

I decided in 2014 to stop working for others and start my own company offering first rate service at reasonable prices.

About the Business

Kiki has been my nickname since childhood – I had a friend with speech problems who couldn’t say Keith. I used it to personalize the company. We offer transportation throughout Victoria and are licensed to travel province wide and beyond. Our primary focus is the use of 14 passenger vans to transport teams, families, office groups etc. We offer tours at provincially set rates – the difference being we charge by the half hour – not the full hour as others do. I handle many of the groups myself however when I need help I call upon a few fellow retired teachers whom I train fully. We are retired guys who have worked with people all our lives and are able to work on a part time basis as a cottage business. Our emphasis is on personal service and safety presented by a pleasant driver with a fun loving personality. An essential element of our training is to teach each other corny jokes to use on our tours- and we do mean corny!

We offer direct transport to the airport, ferries, concerts, games, corporate office parties and whatever. We also have 4 federally approved tour routes around Victoria and up Vancouver Island. Whether it’s a wine tour up to the Cowichan Valley or a family barbeque in a favorite uncle’s backyard we are available.

We are able to carry up to 14 passengers. And our prices are far more economical than multiple taxis or what large companies must charge. To repeat – we bill on the half hour.