Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where and when is the kikishuffle available?

    We are always open – the phones are answered quickly and we are able to respond quickly if emergencies occur and someone needs a ride. This includes driving you and your car home if you’ve been celebrating on a night out of course. 24/7 – we are prepared and the gas tank is loaded.

  • How do we contact you?

    Direct contact is best – 250-881-3986 gets me directly – not a call centre! You can phone or text me. If I happen to be busy I will return the call within 3 hours or if you’re really lucky sexy Rexy will be handling the phone and he will take care of you. We also answer all emails within 3 hours – kikishuffle@shaw.ca

  • We are just a party of two. Can you take us to the airport?

    Of course! And we will charge you for the time – unlike a taxi so we will be more economical!

  • Do you have access to smaller or larger vehicles?

    Yes we do – our fleet is growing however we are on excellent terms with other providers in the city – we have access to all different sizes of vehicles from individual town cars, limousines, school buses and even highway coaches. Again – billed on the half hour to keep our costs reasonable.

  • Do you have car seats?


  • Do you accept major credit cards?


  • Do you have a national safety code endorsement?


  • Do you have a provincial safety endorsement?


  • Do you carry $5 million excess insurance as well as full ICBC commercial coverage?


  • Are your vehicles inspected every 6 months provincially?


  • Do you tell really bad jokes?


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